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Teeth Whitening

There are few things that will build confidence as much as a dazzlingly bright smile, but keeping teeth white is often easier said than done.

Over the years, any number of outside factors will begin to take their toll on both the appearance of one’s teeth as well as their overall health. That is why the team here at Eissens Dentistry is dedicated to offering our patients some of the most advanced and effective options for teeth whitening. For those who have recently taken a look in the mirror and realized that their teeth are not as lustrous and bright as they would like, here is a closer look at how modern whitening treatments are more effective than ever.

How a Smile Loses Its Shine

While meticulous oral hygiene habits at home and regular dental checkups will help patients steer clear of many of the most common health issues with their teeth and gums, there are countless habits, foods and even medication that will slowly begin to alter the appearance of one’s teeth. When seen under a microscope, teeth are in fact porous, and this means that they are especially adept at capturing and collecting staining materials.

Teeth Whitening

Repairing Aesthetics and Treating Oral Health Issues

Not only are dull teeth going to keep a patient from smiling, it could also be an indicator that more serious health issues are taking place that may need to be addressed. Over time, material that lingers on one’s teeth due to a diet or other habits will begin to erode the outer layers of enamel. This can mean serious health issues as well as an unsightly smile, but there are solutions out there. With some of the most advanced tools and techniques currently available today, our team can quickly restore your smile for months at a time.

Modern Teeth Whitening Options

It was not many years ago that teeth whitening procedures involved harsh chemicals that could increase the teeth’s sensitivity, wear away the outer enamel, and even injure one’s gums. Newer treatments no longer utilize these harsh chemicals and patients will find the smile of their dreams without any of the discomfort. In as little as one or two trips to our office, patients of any age will be able to restore the shine of their teeth and create a dazzling new smile that they can enjoy for months on end with the proper hygiene habits.

If you have noticed that your teeth are losing their luster, please contact us today to setup your own appointment and take that first step towards the smile of your dreams.

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