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Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges“Restorative dentistry” is the process of replacing missing or damaged teeth.  Our goal is to help you regain your natural smile and prevent future issues.

Modern crowns and bridges are two commonly used restorative dentistry techniques that allow us to improve a person’s physical appearance while providing excellent functionality.


What is a Crown?

A crown is a cap that is installed on top of a damaged tooth.  It is made out of porcelain, and it is designed to closely match the appearance of a person’s natural tooth in order to make the capped tooth nearly indistinguishable from the teeth around it.


Why is it Important to Get a Crown?

It is very important for a tooth that is damaged to have a crown applied because it can allow that damaged tooth to avoid having to be removed.  A crown is essentially a way of improving the structural stability of the tooth by providing an additional level of support. It is also a way to protect the tooth from being damaged any further by trauma or by bacterial invasion.


Who Should Get a Crown?

Patients who benefit from crowns are those who have a tooth that is slightly broken, meaning that there are cracks running through it, but it still remains strong enough to allow pressure to be put on it.  We will be able to determine this at your appointment.

Other types of teeth that could use a crown application are teeth that have a large cavity in them which could let in bacteria and make it weaker, teeth that are very weak and need extra support, and teeth with a large existing restorations.


Is a Crown Noticeable?

Ordinarily, no.  It depends on how skilled the dentist is who installs the crown and what techniques are used. A dental practice such as Eissens Dentistry that uses ceramic that is of the finest quality will be able to create crowns that will blend in perfectly with natural teeth, making the crown almost impossible to spot.


What is a Bridge?

A bridge is a false tooth that is installed in the place of a tooth that has fallen out or been otherwise removed.


Why is it Important to Get a Bridge?

Having a bridge can be important because it will improve a patient’s aesthetic appearance by making it appear as though he or she has a full smile.  It will also make it easier to chew foods and even improve how easily a person finds it to speak.  Having a bridge installed will also prevent the teeth around the gaps from moving around and causing a cross bite or other alignment issue to develop.


Who Should Get a Bridge?

Patients who have lost one or more teeth and wish to have them replaced are typically excellent candidates for a bridge.


Is a Bridge Noticeable?

A bridge will be created on a patient-by-patient basis to ensure that a close match between the bridge and the teeth of the patient is achieved.  We design our bridges specifically to blend with your natural smile.

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