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Foods That Naturally Whiten Teeth

REGULAR BRUSHING AND FLOSSING remain your best protection against tooth decay and gum disease. However, there are some tooth-friendly foods out there that will help you maintain a bright, healthy smile and even naturally whiten your teeth! Here are some foods that help whiten your teeth. Fruits And Veggies Fruits such as apples and strawberries …


Cavities All Of A Sudden?

  SOMEONE CAN GO THEIR WHOLE LIFE without having a cavity, and seemingly out of nowhere find themselves at the dentist for a filling or two. How does this happen? Here are some reasons your dental status might be in sudden flux: Changes In Your Daily Routine The stress of changes in your daily routine, …


Is Chilly Weather Hurting Your Teeth?

WE MAY FEEL the dropping temperature in our toes, but we shouldn’t be feeling it in our teeth! Some of us experience a shock of pain as we breathe in the crisp air, or sip some hot chocolate. Tooth sensitivity tends to manifest in temperature extremes, so we notice it more during the winter season. …


Oral Health And Hearing: Brushing Is Music To Our Ears!

HAVE YOU EVER HEARD your favorite music performed live? You likely noticed things that often don’t come across in a low-quality recording—the exact texture of the instruments and richness of the sound, for example. The parts of our auditory system that pick these things up are delicate, and can be dulled by trauma or disease. …


Our NEW Doctor E Dental Radio Ad Campaign on 95X

We are very excited to be featured on 95X Radio station out of Raleigh.  Be sure to tune in to 95.3 to listen to some great music and also to hear our advertisement. Have a listen for yourself by clicking the link below Ad transcript:  “Alright listen. If you’re new to the Triangle or maybe haven’t …


Welcome to Eissens Dentistry Blog!

Welcome to Eissens Dentistry – we look forward to bringing you helpful information about dentistry, nutrition and health.  Our primary focus is YOU (Our patients).  We are so thrilled you have chosen us to partner in your dental care.  If you have had a chance to visit us, please take a moment to visit our …